About EmReadsBooks

This site is not about reviews. I don’t really believe in them. Reviews are objective and often casually thrown around by people with no authority. Art can find a home anywhere. It is impossible for something to appeal to all people, just like not everyone will like the taste of broccoli, not everyone will like the same art. Books are art, and what is one person’s cast away story could be another reader’s beacon home. So, I will talk about books, what I love about each one, and if it’s not a story for me I hope to help guide it towards the people it was meant for.

Hey there, I’m Em

I am a reader of books and a writer of stories. A classically trained dancer and a hobby cyclist. I’m a mom, a partner, and a maker of magic. You’ll find me most at ease within Mother Earth’s greatest spectacles. I’m a person who moves fast and should probably slow down. I have yet to find myself in a bind I couldn’t scrap my way out of.

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